rat a tat tat

Astronomers on the history channel with a taste for Apples.

The zodiac 
since it was frozen 
          2k years ago, 
                                       no longer an aquarius?

DVD enemy at the gates - bloody war - no sound.

A girl 
              with long black hair short bangs
                                a short dress 
                     laying on a table next to me having 
                     father forgive me tattoo'd across her chest.  
arkansas oregon outlines one on each of her fore arms

another man, 
      a rectangle inscribed tall-wise on arm reclining.  
His partner sits and waits nearby.

  Annie, Ren, J.D. and Jessie Bob

Tatsoul chair
                            clear plastic wrap on vynil



                 tired. awake. different.

Black Leather Couch.  Red walls.  A Blackbird.

sun streaming down outside with dark clouds in the distance.
getting busier as the day goes on.

noise of two shaders and one liner all going at once.
right brain left brain
after care instructions and some ointment

I am now marked.